Invermere Farmers and Artist Market COVID19 Guidelines

A market stall is considered its own place of business, comparable to retail outlets in a shopping centre.

Any business operating during the COVID-19 pandemic is legally obligated to put measures in place that prevent the spread of infection amongst staff, volunteers and customers.

Follow all mandatory measures set out in the BC Chief Medical Officer of Health’s orders. Consider additional steps, including:
Performing frequent hand hygiene,
Creating barriers (e.g. glass or plastic partitions) between vendors and customers,
Eliminating sampling,
Preventing customers from gathering,
Asking customers to refrain from handling products and to point out the items they want bagged by vendors,
Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks if physical distancing can not be maintained.

Follow cleaning and disinfecting practices described in the BCCDC guidelines, including regular sanitation of any stall surfaces and equipment touched by vendors and customers.

Take precautions at the point of sale to reduce transmission.
Physically distance vendors from customers or install physical barriers.
Sanitize electronic keypads after each use.
Minimize the handling of money.
Ensure gloves are available for handling cash.

Update return policies to prevent the risk of transmission. This may include eliminating returns of purchased goods (i.e. final sales only) or storing and cleaning items before they are put out for resale.

Food vendors

Are allowed to sell:
fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs
frozen pre-packaged meats and frozen ready-to-eat pre-packaged foods (e.g., pies, samosas, meals)
home-prepared low risk foods as identified in Appendix I of the TFM guidelines
higher risk foods prepared in an approved facility
pre-packaged non-alcoholic beverages
liquor only in sealed retail containers (e.g., bottles, cans)
take-away meals from food carts and food trucks
edible plants and seedlings
Vendors are encouraged to pre-package prepared foods to minimize direct contact by customers
Prepared foods (i.e. bakery items for e.g., breads, muffins) that are not pre-packaged foods at the time of sale must be protected by a barrier (i.e. sneeze guard) or stored away from customer access. Vendors will package the product at time of sale.
Clients of farmers' markets must not use their own containers; vendors must dispense all food products
Additional requirements and restrictions:
Vendors must discontinue all food sampling activities, including by the glass sales of wine or other alcohols.
Vendors selling ready-to-eat foods must package foods into take-away containers or brown bags and post signs advising customers to not eat foods in the markets in order to comply with physical distancing requirements.
Where feasible create cashless payment systems through on-line orders and point of sale devices in vendor booths.

All vendors MUST transmit a copy of their permit or waiver to the Invermere Farmers and Artists Market management. These must be displayed in your stall.

Provincial Covid-19 Orders/Resources:


 BC Association of Farmers Markets: