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001IzPVqzy786KV3zR9a3& amp; 690.jpeg (166.32 KB, download number: 2) download Lining Wade team is 4 2017-1-19 22:46 upload recently, news about the production of China's footwear products has reached 10 billion pairs has been published in newspapers and newspapers, and has aroused great concern from all walks of life. In an interview with the media Chinese Association of leather shoe office director Wei Yafei the day before, to calmly look at this figure. Excessive production is a pressure on the Chinese market and the world market, and the sustainable development of China's footwear industry should pay more attention to the competitive advantages of domestic and foreign markets. Excessive production to make the footwear industry to speed up industrial restructuring, and explore new models of indus Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping try development has become more urgent, and this is also the next few years the footwear industry to take the road of brand development, and further strengthen the key". industry advantages and disadvantages Wei, Asia and Africa stressed that "calm" has its own reason. 20 years of reform and opening up, China's footwear industry to seize the development opportunities of world shoe manufacturing center to China transfer, make full use of their own are in production costs, labor resources and raw materials supply and other advantages, and constantly improve the industrial chain and supporting facilities, production capacity increased. Now the Chinese footwear industry, after the completion of the equipment and the introduction of large-scale technical transformation, formed a complete in cheap foamposites dustrial chain at the same time, also has the processing capacity of any country can not be compared, with labor costs and processing relatively low skill relatively high labor team. should appreciate more than that. At present, the whole industry has been to create a regional concentration of production, such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Huizhou, Chengdu Wuhou shoes, Guangdong shoes, Fujian shoes and other leather shoes and travel shoes; in the breed of 27 China brand-name products; in the industry gave birth to the quality, scale, brand winning 6 China leading shoe king and 8 real leather shoes Wang and 25 leather shoes; forming capacity of 10 billion pairs, accounting for more than 50% of the total output of the world footwear products, to become the world's largest footwear producers, exporters and consumer cheap jordans online s. according to Wei Yafei introduction, at present, the billions of shoes produced in China there are nearly 8 billion pairs for export, the products for the domestic market consumption. In the third quarter of 2007, China exported 6 billion 440 million pairs of footwear products, earning US $18 billion 360 million, with an average price of US $2.85, an increase of 10.4% and 15.9% respectively over the same period in 2006. The concern is, by the impact of EU anti-dumping, January 2007 to September, China's leather shoes export volume for 9 consecutive months of negative growth, the proportion of the number of shoes exports decreased by 2.4% compared to 2006, the amount of exports fell by 1.8%, which will directly affect the competitiveness of China footwear products in the international market. Affected Cheap air jordans for sale by the upgrading of domestic consumption, the number of domestic shoes imported at the same period increased by more than 50%. Of these, 200) although Zhejiang in the first half of this year to catch up with Guangdong to occupy the leading position of garment export, but held yesterday at the 2014 Guangdong clothing business development conference, a "Guangdong development trend of apparel e-commerce industry report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), but the Guangdong clothing to maintain a significant advantage in e-commerce market. In many segments of clothing, and even accounted for more than 40% of turnover, and ranked second in Zhejiang opened a big gap. the "report" shows that, compared with the two provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Guangdong apparel e-commerce started late, bu cheap jordan shoes for men t the strong industry clusters and the complete supply chain, creating a unique advantage of the development of the apparel e-commerce in Guangdong. According to the barley electricity supplier survey data show that in 2013 the whole year of 2014 and on the line of Tmall industry in the first half, Guangdong in the women's dress, casual pants and T-shirts are three sub categories of turnover accounted for more than 40%, and opened a wide gap and ranked second in Zhejiang. in addition, Guangdong also presents great potential in the field of clothing consumption. "In last year's" double eleven ", Guangdong users Tmall total consumption of 3 billion 370 million yuan, surpassing Zhejiang to become the largest consumer Province, Tmall's total turnover of 35 billion yuan contributed to the proportion of ne Retro jordans for sale arly 10%." Guangdong clothing and apparel industry association president Liu Yueping said. : "report" also pointed out that, although Guangdong is a major province of garment production, but in the construction of clothing brands, Guangdong lack of national clothing brand. Such as Shunde Jun's cowboy, Dongguan Dalang sweater, and Zhongshan, Shaxi casual clothes, have not developed their own resounding brand. Therefore, in the e-commerce environment, the whole industry of Guangdong can be transformed from OEM to its own brand, and to build the clothing brand belonging to Guangdong is the fundamental plan to realize the rise of Guangdong garment industry. (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry)Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao yesterday in Yingxiu town of Wenchuan County met with Chinese and foreign reporters s cheap jordans for sale tressed that Wenchuan County, more than 13000 people died in the earthquake, the earthquake death toll reached sixty thousand people, but you can see that our compatriots from the stand up in anger. Wen Jiabao told reporters that such a big disaster, disaster area more than one hundred thousand square kilometers, up to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao yesterday in Yingxiu town of Wenchuan County met with Chinese and foreign reporters stressed that Wenchuan County, more than 13000 people died in the earthquake, the earthquake death toll reached sixty thousand people, but you we can see that our compatriots from the stand up in anger. Wen Jiabao of the Chinese and foreign reporters, such a big disaster, disaster area more than one hundred thousand square kilometers, up to now, has killed more than sixty Retro jordans for sale thousand people, this number will increase to seventy thousand, eighty thousand or even more relief we mainly rely on our own efforts, we have seen during our earthquake relief the people's Liberation Army has dispatched one hundred and ten thousand soldiers and rescue every village. All of our provinces, all rescue forces and supplies have arrived in the disaster area, our government has allocated hundreds of billion yuan, and we set up seventy-five billion yuan for the restoration and reconstruction of earthquake reconstruction funds, the next two years will continue to increase. (Editor: admin).NIKE Action Sports launched the Nike SB Eric Koston season skateboard shoes. As legendary skater Eric Koston's first signature Nike shoe, he personally involved in the design of shoes and more than twenty years o Cheap air jordan 12 ovo f experience into one slide. Excellent ability to control is laid out Eric Koston pole position in the skateboard industry, and the perfect combination of cushioning technology and flexible response is given skateboard shoes Nike SB Eric Koston unparalleled control performance. Nike SB Eric Koston skateboard shoes use the Low Ride Lunarlon technology to make shoes lighter, while enhancing cushioning properties, and does not affect the pedal to the touch; TPU reinforced suede uppers and toe seamless design ensures wear shoes more durable, simple color also easy to match; cup-shaped outsole structure, bringing vulcanized shoes like touch panel experience; to create a sole designed for skateboarding, skateboarding effectively enhance the ability to control. technological innovation and top athletes Nike A cheap jordans for sale mens ction Sports team is proud of a valuable asset. Through constant communication with the athletes to convey their ideas, invite contracted riders involved in the design signature paragraph. In addition, thanks to the convenience of technology, Nike Action Sports will slide into the shoe cushioning, control and induction of three types, for different types of skateboard enthusiasts to provide more suitable choice, these shoes priced at ? 969 yuan, so stay tuned. & nbsp;University of North Carolina School won sixth times after the arrival of the AJ11 North Carolina color engraved. Air Jordan 11 is a symbol of glory, the glory and the champion, 1996 Michael · Jordan wore it won the occupation career Championship fourth times, then laid the AJ11 basketball shoes history "shoe king" status, so last year and this year, platinum and gold color of North Carolina blue color is the symbol of the champion. In the last year, there are also many university of North Carolina Air Jordan is the theme of the generation stage, such as Air Jordan 2 and Air Jordan 9 low color, have launched a North Carolina blue, then Jordan brands are actively promoting the University of North Carolina but helpless in a gilded signboard, they NCAA finals by dimensional paranova University lore, come to grief defeat. but they came back this year, lost in two star Brice Johnson and the main · Marcus · Peggy's case is still well into Final Four, and eventually won the sixth national history of the NCAA championship, the history, the Jordan brand is the brand of the University of North Carolina with great confidence, decision the color of the Air Jordan of North Carolina launched 11 Low, set a good story like that, the University of North Carolina to win the championship, with a pair of North Carolina blue AJ11 Low as to celebrate. for the first time in the form of patent launched low AJ11 dates back to 2001, the year will have the last Engraved White Red and white North Carolina, is a very popular version. Air Jordan 11 Low this year is undoubtedly exciting, because we are once again ushered in a retro nostalgic shoes, walked into the campus, relive the period of students. Air Jordan Low UNC Air 11 God helps those who help themselves JordanAir Jordan 11Air Jordan 11 Low UNCJordanJordan BrandMicheal JordanUNCAfter the build a pair of shoe upper with "WHITE" Logo "UGG and sandals"; White Mountaineering in this season once again cooperate, bring the second wave is more suitable for autumn and winter wear new design. The two sides choose UGG's "BUTTE ZIP WM" and "RIKI WM" two pairs of boots as the blueprint, including "BUTTE ZIP WM"; the shades of gray as the main colors, with full sheepskin vamp to build, using both eVent and Vibram waterproof cloth outsole provides excellent functionality, sophisticated materials. "RIKI WM "; in black and white, the continuation of the classic boots design of UGG brand, with more fashionable and warm performance, and at the heel part placement of both brand Logo, highlighting the identity. It is reported that these two pairs of new joint boots will be limited in Japan in October 22nd for sale, interested friends may wish to go to UGG, Japan's official website to see more information.

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